My Raw Fruit and Vegetable Cleanse

I started a low fat, raw vegan cleanse after reading Anthony William’s books, Liver Rescue and Medical Medium, in hopes to rid myself of acne that has been plaguing me throughout my 20’s. Here are my results one week in:

For those who haven’t heard of the cleanse mentioned in Anthony William’s book Medical Medium, it’s essentially a low fat, raw food diet that you adhere to for 28 days. The cleanse is designed to help people recover from a wide range of mystery illnesses. Even if you’re currently exhibiting perfect health (lucky you!), cleansing is still a good idea as it prevents future problems from occurring down the road. The menu consists of raw fruits plus raw vegetables. Nuts and seeds, although not without their benefits, aren’t suggested for this specific cleanse due to their difficult digestibility and high fat content. You can add them in sparingly, though, if you are okay with a slightly slower rate of detox. If you want to know why eating too much fat is not a good idea, I highly suggest you read Anthony’s books. They are also a great source of inspiration for keeping to the diet plan. Or you could also just this article that mentions it here. ;p

I started out after the holidays and really felt that I was past due for a cleanse so it was easy to cut out alcohol, caffeine, processed goods and the rest. I did experience a few mild cravings at the beginning but found them pretty easy to get through by just eating something else instead. My husband is doing the cleanse with me and having a buddy to help you get through the cravings and dream about comfort food with definitely helps. Also, I currently live in Bali and recently returned from a visit to Sweden for the holidays and the switch to the warmer climate slowed my cravings for warm, fatty foods. If you can do this cleanse during the summertime I would definitely recommend it as you tend to crave cooling, raw foods when it’s warmer outside. If not, then get the fireplace going and grab a blanket, your detox buddy, and some spiralized cucumber to share.

A few days into the cleanse I started having detox symptoms… fatigue, a runny nose, sour breath (to be fair, that could’ve also been from raw garlic I was consuming every day), and lots and lots of acne. Before the cleanse I was eating a fairly healthy, moderately fatty, plant based diet with a few coffees and glasses of wine throughout the week. On my normal diet I had been getting¬† a few new cystic spot every week for the past year. After starting the cleanse I was getting more… about 2 to 4 new spots every day! Believe it or not this actually encouraged me to keep going as I took this as a sign that I was getting toxins out of my system. On a more positive note however, I’ve not been bloated in the slightest which was a common occurrence for me in the past. Also, my libido is reminiscent of my college days. I’m concluding that this increase is due to lowered bloating/inflammation in the body.

I’m now one week into the cleanse and I am still averaging about 3 new spots a day and in general I’m feeling pretty run down. My runny nose has progressed into a cold which is strange because I haven’t had one in years. I’m taking it as another sign that something powerful is happening in my body and am trying to rest as much as possible to give my body the opportunity to get all of the nasty old stored pathogens out. Even though I haven’t been working out besides walks on the beach and my gentle daily yoga practice, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost my holiday weight which is a nice bonus.

Apart form that, my cravings for “normal food” are rare and nothing that a good book or a warm cup of tea can’t keep my mind off of. Whenever I cleanse, I find myself consuming lots and lots of herbal tea as it hits the spot when I’m craving something warm and comforting.

I’ve also found that this cleanse, like others I’ve done in the past, has increased my feelings of well-being and spirituality. When we digest, our consciousness is kept anchored to the body and we experience feelings of solidity and groundedness. When digestion is taking up less energy, which happens when you eat living foods with live enzymes and less fats, you feel lighter and more connected with the world and are able to more easily access the higher realms of intuition. The cleanse works on both the physical and emotional/spiritual levels. Just make you are taking some moments to pause and tune into how you are feeling during this time to get the full benefits.